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Basset Hounds: The Future

I’ve always felt passionate about this club. In fact, one of my first memories of it involve me and my little sister ages 7 and 6 dressing up in a Basset Hound costumes made by my mother. Marvelling at how brilliant my costume was, I was oblivious to the cooing of my fellow exhibitors and committee members, some of them, unfortunately remember it to this day…

Years have gone by and I find myself Treasurer and Show Manager of a show that has been a part of my childhood and has shaped my love and fascination of Basset Hounds, and dogs in general. It’s a terrific opportunity for me because I can personally contribute and make an impact on the club and the health of this breed.

Old veteran basset Charlie Farley on the left and Milly on the right!

The South of England Basset Hound Club holds a number of dog walks around the south of England allowing not just exhibitors and dog showing owners, but the general public too to socialise and talk about their favourite breed while going on walks in the South of England from the forests of Alice Holt to the beaches of Sandbanks. A number of breed clubs all around the country do activities like this and it’s a wonderful way to bring people into the dog world and bring together the community.

Some of our bassets were eager to lead the way!

However, does this mean we can’t do more? After all, we are representing Basset Hounds as a breed, there are a lot more to them than meets the eye. Continue reading Basset Hounds: The Future