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Visiting Crufts a few weeks ago I was interested to see what The Kennel Club has planned for the future. There was one thing that particularly that got my attention; thier preview of the MyKC website they are hoping to launch later this year.

Before I get into details, ever since I went to dog shows, I’ve always wanted to get involved in The Kennel Club. However, it felt difficult at times especially  with their current online website; accessing certain features and services can be very awkward to get into. Considering that roughly 85%-90% of the UK population use the internet. You now have a tool that can potentially reach millions of people in only a few clicks.

MyKC is a website that links everything onto one network. This is what The Kennel Club have said;

“The latest free online service from the Kennel Club, MyKC, will give a lifetime of support to puppy seekers, dog owners and breeders, by providing exclusive access to official Kennel Club registration records through their own personalised homepage, as well as unique tools to keep information about their dogs all in one place.”

So what does this actually mean?

Well firstly, I think one of the most important, if not the most important feature we have here is that this service is available for ALL dog owners. So if you haven’t had anything to do with The Kennel Club, showing or competing with your dog, you can still access and use the tools they have to offer. You can register all types of dogs from pedigree to mongrel and rescues in one network. It reminded me of a ‘Facebook’ for dogs, except with a bit more personal information and functionality (you wouldn’t publicly state the last time you were wormed, would you?).

Information that any dog owner could store on the service would include;

  • Your dogs profile photo, along with information such as Age and D.O.B and breed
  • Pedigree History (If you have one registered with the KC)
  • Medical Information including features such as reminders (flea treatment or woming for example) and vet visits
  • Dietary and weight information
  • Key Dates and even access notes added by the breeder of your dog helping breeders and owners stay in touch
  • Access to general information on every registered breed

Note that the more personal information can only be seen by the user. Other users can access basic information but privacy settings can be modified like most social media websites. On top of that you can access the ‘Nearby Feature’ which allows you to find the nearest dog friendly businesses such as Pubs, B&Bs, Groomers, Kennels etc. Looking for a new pet? You can access information on pedigree breeds, puppies and breed charities under the Kennel Club Charitable Trust.

The Mate Select service, health test results and important information about genetic diversity that the Kennel Club records for all registered dogs can be viewed on the MyKC website.

Speaking to a MyKC representative at Crufts 2013.

In my opinion, this system has a lot of potential for expansion; why not provide information such as Breed Clubs, Open Shows and Championship Shows? Apparently that is exactly what they are planning on doing next, along with personal profiles that include judging and stewarding records once the service gets up and running which could be highly beneficial to shows organisers and judges.

Overall, the website was extremely easy to use and very attractive, giving you the ability to access every feature I’ve explained in no more than a few clicks. Eventually MyKC will replace the current website. If it executed well, it will have a big impact in the dog show world and hopefully more.

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Did you use the beta service? What did you think? Be sure to give us your thoughts and leave a comment below!

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