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First Interview

The first interview has been published!

My first interview involves Trevor Cooper from Cooper & Co Solicitors. Dog legislation is always changing and it can affect anyone, from everyday dog owners and rescue societies to dog professionals.

Been to a number of his dog law seminars through the Kennel Club and Kennel Club Chartable Trust; it’s well worth checking out if you want to know more about Dog Law.

You can check it out here.

Basset Hounds Being Used As ‘Bait Dogs’

As most people know, dog fighting is a big problem in the UK; only last March the BBC reported on dog fighting in Birmingham being used publicly to ‘settle scores’ and the Chief inspector of the RSPCA special operations unit has stated that dog fighting in the UK is up 400% in the last three years. However, speaking recently with a representative for London’s Mayhew Animal Home at Discover Dogs this year, I was surprised to find that out that many of the dogs taken into welfare are the victims not only of fighting and attacks but also of being used as ‘bait’ animals.

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