Ebbie and Alice

I really wanted to quickly share this story as a reminder of two of our dogs, particularly since a couple of our friends have recently lost a basset, it’s a sad one though!

My grandparents had a couple of Basset Hounds about 30 years ago, a mother and daughter called Ebbie & Alice who were inseparable to the point where, when the mother, Ebbie passed away Alice could not cope without her and passed away just a month afterwards. It’s amazing how family relations can just be as strong and powerful with dogs as well as humans.

Unfortunately I wasn’t born before they passed away so I didn’t get the chance to meet them but their ashes were buried up in our top field along with some daffodil bulbs. You can view the daffodils from the upstairs window  down at the house every year around this time and it’s amazing, no matter how bad the weather is, that one patch of daffodils still manages to grow strong. A reminder of Ebbie & Alice.


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