Marina Scott, ‘Starting out in the dog world’: Preview

Last weekend I found myself on the sunny shores of Bournemouth doing my first interview with Marina Scott, Assistant Editor of Dog World.

As a former Junior Handler World Champion herself, I was interested to hear her experiences in the industry and how tools like social media and websites can engage the younger generation to get involved in dog activities like Showing, Agility and Obedience. Publishing her own book and DVD on Dog Handling and holding sessions on handling, she is very keen to educate younger people in that area.

A final shot after the interview!
A final shot after the interview!

When I interact with people in the Dog Showing world they often raise the topic of how to get younger people involved Dog Showing. As a junior handler myself I can really tell that it’s always a issue The Kennel Club and of course, The Young Kennel Club (YKC) is constantly trying to tackle. Quite often the young people involved are involved due to their family’s involvement in showing like myself. It could be something however that every dog owner and animal enthusiast should consider because working along with your dog in various activities is definitely one of the most rewarding, bonding activities you can do with your dog. I think this interview will be beneficial to all ages, giving an insight from someone who started right at the beginning and has had an impressive career in the dog world.

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With the great help of Indie Film Producer Graham Inman I was able to make this interview a success. I look forward to seeing the final cut!

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