Looks like another busy month ahead!

When I was 17 years old, I remember walking down Bournemouth beach on a summer morning with my dad while watching dogs and their walkers dashing on the sand and throwing themselves into the beach. He turned to me and said, “In order to be happy in life, Mark, you must always have something to look forward to.” And from looking ahead in my diary for July, he certainly wasn’t wrong.

Lets see what’s happening…

The Pet Show – Stoneleigh Park – 20th-21st July 2013

Let me start with a late one, The Pet Show at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire on the 20th-21st of July.  77b893852f16d256e184b9ce5b957268I’ll be there with my newly formed group Pet Nation with Dr Daniel Allen author of ‘The Nature Magpie’, the book ‘Otter’ and frequently writes columns for pet magazines and has appeared as a judge in ITVs Animal Honours Awards Show! Pet Nation to put short focuses on the education of pet responsibilities and welfare. This will be a big one as I’ll be in the education area doing a presentation about responsible dog ownership. I’ll be writing more about Pet Nation once there are more developments.

The reason I mention this first is because during all the free time I have off in July, I’ll be spending preparing this talk, that feeling of nerves mixed with excitement is starting to kick in. According to their website they are expected to have over 20,000 visitors expected its going to get busy in there. Time will tell!

Litlington Fun Dog Show (and the Great Sausage Catching Championships!) – 13th July

Well I think the title is pretty much self explanatory! I’ve been asked to judge at a Fun Dog Show.

Picture from the Facebook event page
Picture from the Facebook event page – yikes!

Interesting guests such as Mugly the international title holder of the ‘Worlds Ugliest Dog’ and his owner Beverly, who will judge some of the fun classes as well!

Here is the order of classes;

  • Best Breed Small
  • Best Breed Medium
  • Best Breed Large
  • Best Cross Breed
  • Golden Oldie
  • Cute Puppy
  • Best Litlington Dog
  • Best Visiting Dog
  • Musical ‘Sit’
  • Loveliest Coat
  • Friendliest Dog
  • Waggiest Tail
  • Child Handling

and of course the Great Sausage Catching Championship! (This one will certainly be the most interesting, I’ll get the camera for this one…)

No doubt a blog will come out of this with LOTS of photos. Lets just hope the weather stays this consistent!

There is still time to come along! Visit the Facebook event page here for more information and/or contact Caroline at carolinehappydogs@gmail.com

Peterborough and District Canine Society – 14th July

After one fun show it’ll get more serious as I’ll be judging Beagles, Junior AND Adult Handling at this Open Show so I’ll be having my thinking cap on and judge the Beagles according to the Beagle KC standard (rather than who has the waggiest tail and who can catch sausages!) to have a sort of idea what the standards are like if you haven’t already, have a look at the Basset Hound Breed standard on my website here.

Then it’s off to the Pet Show as mentioned above.


Attending the South of England Basset Hound Club Summer Show & Fun Day – 28th of July

Mark with Charley Farley (Left) and Milly (Right)
Mark with Charley Farley (Left) and Milly (Right)

On the face of things, this one will be the most easy going for me I’d imagine, despite being both Treasurer and Show Manager of the club. It’s a Club I’ve been to since I was a small child.

Actually my first ever blog post was on the Basset Hound Club. I’m still glad I haven’t found the photos of me as a child dressed up as a Basset Hound, let us hope those photos will never be unearthed again.


That’s it (so far) for this month! Meanwhile I’ll be blogging about the Windsor Championship Show last weekend which went brilliantly with 10,456 entries and thousands of dogs and owners attending. Windsor is regarded as the ‘Summer Crufts’ of dog showing so watch this space!


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