Quick Update – Dog Training

Just a quick update!

I have loads of blog posts to write about, I feel like I have so much to do and I’m stumbling on what to do first! Slowly but surely I’ll be able to do them all eventually.

Giving a presentation at The Pet Show 2013
Giving a presentation at The Pet Show 2013

I’d like to announce that I’ll be starting my own dog training called ‘Me & My Dog Training‘. I’ve always wanted to have a opportunity to go out, educate dog owners and understand dog behavioural issues and solve them. This would be the perfect opportunity. I’ve managed a boarding kennels for almost 6 years and worked with various charities as a re-homing officer and advisor. It’ll be a great side-project for myself and I’m very much looking forward to it!

So what sort of training will I be offering?

The reason I named it ‘Me & My Dog Training‘ is because I wanted to focus the training on both the owner and dog. Creating a better understanding for both dog and owner is fundamental before you start any training.

I cover the South of England, London and surrounding areas. Visits will be in the comfort of your own home where I will be assessing many factors that can effect the behaviour of the dog and find out the roots to these problems.

Handling 'Saffy' who always looks at me for reassurance
I’ll also be offering junior and adult handling training for dog shows.

These problems can range from the environment and home to members of the family and routines. I cover many behavioural problems such as aggression, biting and nipping, lack of recall, separation anxiety, barking and more.

I offer plenty of aftercare through the phone, Skype and email and provide instructions and guidelines tailored towards your dog and those issues so no one will be in the dark!

These behavioural problems have their roots – my job is to identify them and find solutions for both owner and dog in a calm environment. Adequate training forms the foundations of harmonious relationships between owner and dog. Every owner and dog will have a tailored set of instructions, solutions and advice depending on the dog and the problems.

Dog Trainer, Nick Jones MA has given me invaluable advice into the subject while meeting him at The Pet Show 2013 this year. I’ll be interviewing him soon on his experiences on dog training so the interview should be up in the not so distant future!

I’ve bought the website, made the social media accounts so I’m just at the process of constructing those. Once I’m officially up and approved, I’ll be ready to go.

Watch this space!

3 thoughts on “Quick Update – Dog Training

  1. Brilliant when I looked for puppy training for my CKCSpainel we took her to one and it was so overcrowded she hated it and so did we to be honest so I just did bits at home & my poodle I’ve been looking since he was a pup they are either full or cost a fortune so again I have done stuff at home, I really would like to let him off lead to run but it scares me that he wouldn’t come back 🙁 so good luck a much needed service 🙂

  2. Thanks Wendy, sounds like your Spaniel was thrown into the deep end there! Quite often that could potentially do more damage then fixing the problem at hand. Hope the behaviour improves over time! I’ll keep you updated 🙂

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