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Free Microchipping at Richmond Ch. Show

mzm.hjvchrry.175x175-75To those who show dogs, there’s a great opportunity to have your dogs microchipped for free.

In a Kennel Club press release they have announced that Dogs Trust will attend at Richmond Championship Show for all three days to offer this service. Dogs Trust offer this service to events and communities all over the country as a part of their microchipping campaign.

I hope that as well as providing this service they will also explain WHY it is so important to microchip your dog as well as making others aware of the compulsory microchipping legislation that’s arriving on April 6th 2016. I do take my hat off to Dogs Trust as they have a big task ahead of them to raise awareness, this above all else, a welfare issue. I fear that without raising awareness, the legislation will have minimal effect to the dog community.

The show will be on the 6th-8th September at Loseley Park near Guildford, Surrey.

What do you think, will this be effective? Will you be there? Is this a good opportunity to chip your dog? Leave a comment below!

The Kennel Clubs response to ‘Compulsory Microchipping’

kennel-club-logoThis was one response I was really looking forward to; I asked The Kennel Club who manage Petlog their opinions on microchipping. Petlog is the largest microchipping database in the UK. They also have an important role in consulting with groups such as Defra and The Microchipping Aliance.

For those who haven’t seen my previous articles, you can find them here;

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The Kennel Club has kindly not only given us an official statement but responded to some of the comments which you guys have been leaving.

This is what they wrote;

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Compulsory Microchipping – Your Views (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of the opinions regarding compulsory microchipping!

As I state in my last article I was amazed at the overwhelming amount of responses I’ve received the last few days.

The reason I wanted to bring this out and ask the public was to help bring awareness that the idea of microchipping is one which virtually all dog owners agree on. However when you look at the mechanics of the proposed legislation, well, there aren’t any! If it continues like this, it will have no effect. I want owners to be aware of this and voice their opinion.

Here I list some of those responses;

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