Beverley Cuddy on Compulsory Microchipping

I wasn’t intending for this to be such a big debate but I’ve had such a overwhelming response towards this, I wanted to get as much of a variety of opinions out there

Part 2 will be out at the end of this week.

While I’ve been writing those opinions I came across Beverley Cuddy, owner of Dogs Today Magazine and asked her opinions on the matter. To which she replied with;

So I had a look and I was surprised I haven’t read this article before, it’s very well written and absolutely right. This more focused on the issue of tackling ‘Dangerous Dogs’ and for all dog owners out there, we all clearly know that this is not the case and she makes it very clear here.

I have read news headlines from at least two newspapers that claim that microchipping will be on the front line in tackling dangerous dogs, what utter rubbish! These are the same people who simply think that adding in a piece of legislations will somehow improve dogs behaviour. I wonder what their motives are? Who are the people advising the MPs? Certainly not DEFRA because they seem to have no logic whatsoever.

There is clearly a much wider issue here and MPs are not willing to face these problems head on.

Here is a snip of the article which sets out the whole tone, as well as mine.

How do you stop children being bitten by dogs? Bizarrely, the government thinks the answer is chips. Astonishingly Defra contemplated the very serious issue of dangerous dogs in society for two years and of all the very sensible solutions put to them, they have decided that microchipping puppies is the way to go to save children and postal workers from getting savaged. Frankly, it would have made as much sense if they’d said the answer was potato chips.

Beverley Cuddy – The Guardian

It’s a very entertaining read and you can check out the full article here

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