Dog Food: Part 2 (Poll & Discussion Page)

Welcome to Part 2!

As you can see, I’ve finally made a poll asking, ‘what do you feed your dog on’? Apologies for those with more than one dog that are fed on separate diets, I know a few dog owners who do this but I couldn’t include every combination!



The week  since Part 1 has been an eye-opener for me. I was given some really interesting statements and reviews both for and against raw food and kibble.

Dinner time! Golden Retriever Monty submitted by Rachel - @Rachel_EDj
Dinner time! Golden Retriever Monty submitted by Rachel – @Rachel_EDj

I’d just like to reiterate that this is not a conclusive ‘either or’ dog food article. I’m merely getting the opinions of everyday dog owners and professionals and I’d be fascinated to know what you think!

Someone kindly mentioned on Facebook that it’s not a question of ‘Dog Food: Raw vs Kibble’ it’s about the individual quality of both types of food and I think that is a very important factor to consider here. Even with kibble there is such a difference in quality from the budget brands to the high quality ones.

I have found a lot of ‘premium’ dog food brands which have been reducing in quality over the years to cut on costs, so it’s always important to keep an eye on and monitor the exact nutrients your dog is getting. But that’s a completely different subject altogether!

Be sure to vote above and leave a comment below.

12 thoughts on “Dog Food: Part 2 (Poll & Discussion Page)

  1. A very interesting debate Mark, one which I expect will remain ongoing as you rightly say their is no ‘right or wrong’ as dog owners need to opt for the food which is most convenient for their lifestyle, wallet, and animal.

    1. Thanks Lisa. There are a lot of elements to be considered when choosing the right food for your dog, more so than I first thought. Glad you found it interesting!

  2. I feed mine on raw meat, raw veg and bones. To me this is what dogs eat. I would never feed pellets. Commercial dog pellets boast a 100% balanced diet every day. Who eats a 100% balanced diet every day? No-one. Over a period of a week or so, I consider mine have enough variety that becomes a balanced diet. I addition to this, why would a dog want to eat something that looks and smells like fish food, when large chunks of meat and crunchy teeth cleaning bones are on offer………

  3. there is also the ethical factor to take in if you are an ethical vegetarian or vegan. Our 3 hounds are happy, healthy and full of energy on a mostly vegan diet.

    1. Very interesting to hear. How do you replace the protein and nutrients that’s usually found in meat? I’ve never heard of a vegetarian/vegan dogs!

      1. here’s a link to what we feed them at the moment which has 20% protein, mainly soya based I think.
        I don’t expect it meets many people’s criteria and I imagine most people would baulk at the idea of not feeding their dogs meat but our longest staying ward, Merlot the lurcher has been with us for nearly 8 years, is coming up for 12 years old (though he could be older, he was found as a stray), still enjoys a run and has never had any illness as far as I can recall. As well as their kibble and tinned food they enjoy fresh vegetables and fruit, rice based chews, sweet potato chews, peanut butter baked dog treats…
        My view is we have happy, energetic older dogs (7,9,11) and if we can look after them while minimising the levels of suffering and slaughter of other beings then it is a good thing. Again I know others will not agree but we all have our ways of living…

      2. There are all sorts of protein, vitamins etc in vegetables. Kale being the best. Not that I feed my dogs on a vegan diet.

  4. My dogs are fed on Nature Diet complete feed, composition 55% turkey 10%rabbit 10% rice 7% vegetables natural ground bone and seaweed meal. what you see is what you get.

    1. I remember using Nature Diet on our Beagles a while back. The sensitive pack was good for any dogs with an upset tummy. Very simple to prepare too from what I remember.

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