New Guest Blog – Lisa Moir

Mayhem 2 - Photo by Ruth DalrympleI noticed a while back that a fellow Young Kennel Club (YKC) Member Lisa Moir was applying for the  HSBC Bank Student Bursary Competition to study Journalism in Edinburgh. HSBC asks, “How would £10,000 help you achieve your potential?”. Her goal was what really sparked my interest, it was to tackle the ever increasing negative press and issues surrounding ‘Dangerous Dogs’.

As some of my readers may already know I have written a number of articles on my experiences with Dog Law and I’d like to say that I have a fair bit of knowledge in the area, no doubt I have opinions about it but I try and behave and keep from voicing them!

Speaking to her the other day we both agreed that there is just not enough knowledge out there on dog legislations, especially in the dog industry where people work and interact with them on a daily basis. She hopes to write more about it in future with the potential to blog and get involved in social media. I’m a huge supporter of young bloggers out there that want to engage in these issues so I offered her to write a guest blog in my ‘Guest Blogs’ section.

Check out her guest blog HERE along with her campaign video and don’t forget to vote!



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