Happy Halloween!

Good evening and a very special Happy Halloween to all of my readers!

I’ve tried to get into the Halloween spirit as much as I could so I made this attempt at carving some pumpkins..


Okay so it’s not exactly a work of art, but the thought was there…

Oh! And just to let you know, I’ll be at Runcorn this weekend for a KCAI event which should be interesting. No doubt I’ll be blogging and updating my progress next week.

The week after that is Discover Dogs which is at Earls Court in London (9th-10th November).

For those who haven’t experienced Discover Dogs it’s an event organised by The Kennel Club where the public gets to meet all 200+ pedigree breeds. Each breed has it’s own booth manned by a breeder or owner(s) and a few of their dogs. It’s a brilliant opportunity to understand each breed. It’s great place to go to find out about the local breed rescue shelters or reputable breeders out there.

I’ll be there with The Kennel Club so if you’re going to the KCAI event or Discover Dogs be sure to pop round and say hello!

Stay safe in the meantime with bonfire night!

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