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KCAI Blog #1

An Introduction

Photo credit: With the kind permission of The Kennel Club

Welcome to the introduction to my KCAI Blog!

As many of you may know, I’ve been blogging for a while now and the reason I wanted to kick off this section was to give my readers and those who might be interested in joining a KCAI Scheme a taste of what it’s all about.

The great thing about the KCAI is the wide range of options available, so anyone from professional Dog Wardens and business owners to casual dog lovers who would like to develop a skill can take it. When I initially looked at it I wont lie, it looked very intimidating! However, the more I got through the initial stages, the simpler it became. I hope this blog series will shed some light on the matter for those going through the same thing!

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New Guest Blog – Lisa Moir

Mayhem 2 - Photo by Ruth DalrympleI noticed a while back that a fellow Young Kennel Club (YKC) Member Lisa Moir was applying for the  HSBC Bank Student Bursary Competition to study Journalism in Edinburgh. HSBC asks, “How would £10,000 help you achieve your potential?”. Her goal was what really sparked my interest, it was to tackle the ever increasing negative press and issues surrounding ‘Dangerous Dogs’.

As some of my readers may already know I have written a number of articles on my experiences with Dog Law and I’d like to say that I have a fair bit of knowledge in the area, no doubt I have opinions about it but I try and behave and keep from voicing them!

Speaking to her the other day we both agreed that there is just not enough knowledge out there on dog legislations, especially in the dog industry where people work and interact with them on a daily basis. She hopes to write more about it in future with the potential to blog and get involved in social media. I’m a huge supporter of young bloggers out there that want to engage in these issues so I offered her to write a guest blog in my ‘Guest Blogs’ section.

Check out her guest blog HERE along with her campaign video and don’t forget to vote!



Two New Guest Blogs – Dog Law & Positive Training

Oh I almost forgot! While the website was under construction I was approached by Pooch & Company and Animal Wellness Magazine to do guest blogs on their website, naturally I said yes. One is on an outlook on Dog Law and the other is about being a leader through positive training.

Here are some links and a taste of what they’re about;

Be a Leader Through Positive Training – Animal Wellness Magazine

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Animal Wellness Magazine Newsletter

“Dog Training! In my experience as a dog trainer, many of the people I work with have assumed that solving behavioural problems between a dog and a family is as easy as a one time visit from a dog trainer or behaviourist. Unfortunately it’s not; it would make my job a lot easier if it was the case! In my experience, it’s not just about training the dog but the owner as well.

Being an effective leader is essential – the dog needs to understand that you and your family are in charge. Every second you spend with your dog it is taking in vital information; you want to make things as clear to the dog as possible. Behavioural problems in most cases stem from the misleading behaviour from the owner and family. It’s not about being aggressive or domineering, but simply letting the dog know that it doesn’t have to stress about protecting it’s family….”

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Dog Law – How does it affect you as a pet owner? – Pooch & Co


My name is Mark Walden, I blog about current dog related issues and until recently, I ran a boarding kennels, cattery and rehoming centre in the wilds of Hampshire. In may though, I became acquainted with Trevor Cooper, the UK’s leading specialist in ‘Dog Law’. Since then I have assisted Trevor in running his esteemed ‘Dog Law’ seminars all over the country which have been attended by pet owners, businesses and councils alike. I must say that despite being a seasoned dog owner, I found them to be both fascinating and shocking.

So,what is ‘dog law’?

The moment I mention Dog Law to others, I often get a funny response. Some laugh at the thought, some are intrigued, while others look at it as utter nonsense, and I can see why. ‘You mean dogs have laws??’

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So we have two completely different topics, I hope you enjoy them!