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The Confident Dog Instructor

Runcorn KCAI Event

By Kim Lyddon, Founder of www.TheDogBusinessAcademy.com

I’m back home now reflecting on what a great day I had at Runcorn at the KCAI event. I’m sitting in front of my computer in my office with my cup of coffee ready as I reflect on the day. My two dogs, Tyler 5 year old handsome red tri Border Collie and Little Archie a cute but very giddy Pyrenean Sheepdog, are lying quietly beside me.

I remember being delighted when I received the invite from Laura at the Kennel Club to speak at the KCAI event; particularly on a subject I am passionate about which is helping people become more confident to increase their credibility and influence as a Dog Instructor.

I wasn’t due on stage until after lunch, however, l always like to get to the venue early to get a feel of it, make sure everything is in place and get set up. It gives me a great opportunity to meet members of the audience too. To my delight there were many familiar faces from previous events I had presented at and courses I’d attended.

As people arrived you could feel the energy build in the room. Many took the opportunity to catch up with friends while others went to get themselves a coffee or tea from the kitchen. What’s so great about these events is you not only learn loads its also an opportunity to network with new likeminded people, and I’m pretty sure many people shared contact details that day.

The audience was made up of a variety of dog professionals and people who have a real passion for dogs and a genuine desire to develop their own knowledge, skills and expertise.

As each presenter took to the stage the audience sat quietly with anticipation. Each time they were not disappointed as they listened intently to the speakers. Jane Arden of WaggaWuffins shared her journey and the lessons she learnt as she built her own successful dog activity business. Followed by Lucy Lowe of Purina who helped us to understand dog nutrition, and how to interpret the ingredients on dog food products so we can make more informative decisions about what we feed our dogs.

Then it was my turn to present. I developed my presentation as taster session of our larger workshop The Confident Dog Instructor™. This program was developed after my return to the hobby I enjoyed all those years ago, dog training. After getting Tyler I began to search for dog training classes to take him to. This is when I noticed things had changed significantly. Not only had training methods changed, also the traditional dog training clubs that I remembered and experienced had declined. There had been a big growth in private dog training businesses. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised because when you look at many different markets today there are more individual entrepreneurs than there are big businesses.

It was exciting to see people turning their dog passion into a career. As I began to speak to these dog professionals it seemed their biggest challenge is to bring in the income and build a sustainable business.

I soon realised I could take the marketing and personal growth knowledge, expertise and skills set I had to help dog professionals make a huge impact in their market. This inspired me to create the Dog Business Academy® to provide training and coaching that will help them develop the confidence and expertise to build a professional dog business. To build it in a way that’s an expression of who they are, that leverages their individual skills and abilities. I help them with their branding to improve their visibility and credibility.

Success is not all about business strategy and processes its also about personal confidence and credibility. So we not only teach them business and marketing strategies we also help them build their personal confidence, credibility and ‘Instructor’ persona.

Often what holds people back from achieving the success they desire is a lack of self-confidence. Self-confidence, which is not to be confused with arrogance, leads to success. Self-confidence is about believing in yourself and your abilities, which allows you to rise up and reach your true potential.

It’s this self-confidence as a Dog Instructor, along with understanding how people learn, that allows you to speak with clarity in front of a group. Ensures you get heard and make people want to listen and not talk over you. Being able to project a confident ‘Instructor’ persona is important in building your credibility and trust with the client. Once these two things are established you increase the probability of them wanting to do business with you.

At the Dog Business Academy our mission is to help dog professionals, build confidence and credibility so they can be as successful as those that are already at the top.

For me presenting at the KCAI event was tremendously rewarding. Speaking with dog professionals who really want to take their learning to the next level. I particularly, love live events because you get instantaneous feedback from the audience of the impact and value of what you’re providing

If I am able to provide a little bit of inspiration, help dog professionals have, do and be more of what they want that’s hugely rewarding for me. If I can help you and your dog business in any way get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

If you would like to get in touch email Kim at kim@dogbusinessacademy.com or alternatively, call on 0161 408 7315

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Kim Lyddon

Founder of The Dog Business Academy®

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