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Be a Leader Through Positive Training

Positive Training!

In my experience as a dog trainer, many of the people I work with have assumed that solving behavioural problems between a dog and a family is as easy as a one time visit from a dog trainer or behaviourist. Unfortunately it’s not; if it was it would make my job a lot easier! In my experience, it’s not just about training the dog but the owner as well, I can’t express that aspect more.

Being an effective leader is essential – the dog needs to understand that you and your family are in charge. Every second you spend with your dog it is taking in vital information; you want to make things as clear to the dog as possible. Behavioural problems in most cases stem from the misleading behaviour from the owner and family. It’s not about being aggressive or domineering, but simply letting the dog know that it doesn’t have to stress about protecting it’s family.

I will go right back to basics and explain very simple methods of communication you have to be aware of to make sure there is a good line of communication between you and your dog.

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