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Dogs in Hot Cars

I have some good news and some bad news this summer.

Good news? We are finally getting some summer sun and heat in the UK! (about time..)

Bad news? Every year rescue charities and the police receive thousands of distress calls about dogs being left in hot cars in the sun. Some end with devastating consequences.

It’s always a reoccurring problem we have in the UK and the worst part is that every single of those tragedies could have easily have been avoided.

Many forget that dogs have a different way of regulating their heat than humans and unfortunately overheat much more easier than us. Dogs regulate heat from sweating from their paws and panting.  When you have a vehicle left in the sun with temperatures as low as 20 degrees Celsius temperatures can easily rise to over 50 degrees which is over half the rate of boiling water. As a result they can collapse and have heatstroke within minutes.

One of many posters raising awareness from Dogs Trust
One of many posters raising awareness from Dogs Trust

Unfortunately taking measures such as opening windows slightly, placing a water bowl inside is not sufficient enough as dogs have died before with those put in place. It might delay the process of dehydration but it will not delay the process of the dog getting heatstroke.

For those unfortunate enough to come across any dogs that are locked in a car in the heat be sure to contact the owner if applicable, call the police on 101 or the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 and make sure you have plenty of fresh water and shade available. Do not attempt to break the car window without speaking the police first.

Most know that dogs do not ask a lot from us and the least we can do for them is to ensure that their safety is always a priority even if it means thinking before popping into the supermarket to buy a carton of milk.

Children Growing Up With Dogs

I often reflect at my childhood and only wonder what important lessons I’ve learned over the years.  If there had to be one consistency, it was that wherever I was – a dog was never far away.

I clearly found the toy much more interesting!

You never had to be too young, too old, too rich and too poor to appreciate and take advantage of a dog in the household. Every single child I have met that has grown up with dogs have all said the same thing to me – they absolutely love it.

No surprise when you come to think of it, no language is needed, only unconditional love and companionship and quite naturally as children we have plenty to give out!

Reflecting back, I personally learned so many important life lessons from having a dog around the house, lessons that have consistently echoed to this present day. Here are some examples;

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Dog Law Webinars by Dog Law Ltd.

I don’t know about you, every time I do any sort of research into animal/dog law and regulations there always seem to be new developments, updates and tweaks. If researching legislations has taught me anything it’s that it’s not the most exciting thing to do in an evening let alone getting your head around them.

One of the first individuals I had the pleasure of interviewing on my website was Trevor Cooper who is a solicitor that specialises in dog law. He works full time for Dogs Trust and in his free time he hosts seminars across the country on the law involving dogs with Dog Law Ltd.

Dog Law has recently developed new ‘webinars’ that focus on many aspects of the law on dogs from Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, Animal Welfare Act 2006 to the Dogs Act 1871. Trevor also focuses on ‘New Developments’ that have been happening recently, most notably on the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Here is a taste of what to expect;

Personally I couldn’t recommend them more, for those lucky enough to see Trevor in action he never fails to impress and the same thing goes for these webinars. It is essential for professionals who work in  the dog world from dog show handlers to police officers.

For more information visit which also features dog training videos by dog trainer, behaviourist and writer Carolyn Menteith which is also recommended!