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Electric Shock Collar: Government Update

Let’s imagine that I was training your dog’s unruly behaviour and I suggested the use of an electric shock collar, would you be happy?  According to a recent  survey conducted by the Kennel club 73% of us would disagree. Surprisingly it seems that the Scottish Government is now actually promoting or at least condoning the use of electric shock to train dogs.

This issue has recently been debated by the Scottish Government following pressure from many animal welfare groups. Their conclusion? Ignore the request for a ban and instead regulating the sale of electric shock collars and introducing a new qualification to promote the use of these collars on dogs. This decision was made shortly after the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, announced the government’s intention of increasing the sentencing guidelines for animal cruelty from 6 months to 5 years.

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My Visit to Parliament – Dog Theft Awareness Day

As I was drinking my now-cold cappuccino at my local coffee shop early in the morning, an email notification popped up on the bottom right hand corner of my screen. An invitation to Parliament to discuss the rise in dog theft across the UK. Despite my initial excitement at the thought of going to Parliament, my heart sank a little at the prospect that dog theft has now become a national concern.

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New Layout, New Blogs, New Update!

New Layout

Well, a lot has been going on in  the past week or two. You might notice the new design layout of the website and a few new updates here and there with additional blogs. I wanted to re-design the website to give it a much cleaner look, it’s also much easier for me to customise it in the future, add some advertisements and new features etc.  (with special thanks to Graham Inman for helping me out with that). Changing something small like the colour of the font takes so much time and effort, I’m glad I’m not a web developer, that’s all I can say!

I’d love to know your views and suggestions on the new layout! You tend to look at a painting or a picture for so long, you forget how others perceive it.

Guest Blogs

photoI’ve also got a brand new section dedicated to guest blogs and the first one I have is from Laura over at with tips on puppy training and recall. Some very sound advice, you can view here.

I’m always open to ideas and if you feel you have something to blog about on my website (dog related, obviously!) feel free to send me an email –


imageGenI also finally have some time on my hands to do other things; back in March this year at Crufts I signed up to the Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Canine Behaviour (KCAI). However, due to work and other commitments I haven’t got round to it but I have now completed my first initial assessment. I felt like this was a great opportunity to share my experiences with my readers, particularly to those going through the same thing or thinking to do so. I’m looking forward to it so watch out for future blog posts and updates about it!