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Electric Shock Collar: Government Update

Let’s imagine that I was training your dog’s unruly behaviour and I suggested the use of an electric shock collar, would you be happy?  According to a recent  survey conducted by the Kennel club 73% of us would disagree. Surprisingly it seems that the Scottish Government is now actually promoting or at least condoning the use of electric shock to train dogs.

This issue has recently been debated by the Scottish Government following pressure from many animal welfare groups. Their conclusion? Ignore the request for a ban and instead regulating the sale of electric shock collars and introducing a new qualification to promote the use of these collars on dogs. This decision was made shortly after the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, announced the government’s intention of increasing the sentencing guidelines for animal cruelty from 6 months to 5 years.

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New Guest Blog – Emma Suiter

10151669_10152298955437472_1494904300_n (1) (2)My next guest blog comes from Emma Suiter who is a third year vetinary student at the Royal Veterinary College in London discussing  the future of pedigree dogs in the veterinary industry as a vet nurse, dog handler and overall dog lover. She has recently been appointed to be a Health Representative for her breed, the Kooikerhondje (yes, I did spell that right) and not to mention the youngest health rep The Kennel Club has ever had – quite an achievement!

As a result I was keen to know her thoughts on the overall health of pedigree dogs as a whole and the tasks we face in future.

Enough of me though, find out what she has to say here.

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Dog Attacks and the Media Causing Hysteria

Statistics reveal  that there have been 18 deaths from dog attacks in the UK since 2005 and that number will rise. I don’t think there ever seems to be a month that goes by without some sort of hysteria fuelled by the media. Hysteria that causes both dog owners and non-dog owners to demand knee-jerk reactions, more regulations, restrictions and biased views on various breeds and dogs in general.

The media thrives on controversy and lets be honest, without it they wouldn’t sell papers. What often follows the stories is assumptions about causes and a public demand to ensure that these cases never happen again. Then the MPs hear those concerns and quite rightly, decide to act. Frankly, wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a single solution to these problems? Sadly the reality is that as a result they are mostly just making legislations that are not fit for purpose and patchwork messes. Dangerous Dogs Act 1991,  I’m looking at you!

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