The Puppy Tails – Top tips for teaching your puppy recall

Monty and Delilah

When Mark kindly offered the chance for me to draft a guest post for his blog, I tried to think of what I as a puppy owner would find most useful. I’m Laura, and over at I’m a puppy blogger sharing tips, tricks and ideas that I’ve learnt from both my own experiences and those others have been kind enough to share with me. However I’m also the owner of two young dogs - a one year old Spaniel Bassett cross and a two year old Sausage Poodle cross. Therefore just like everyone else, I’m a dog owner feeling my way through the puppy years and trying my best to practice what I preach!

So, after thinking long and hard about the best topic to guest post on, I decided to take it back to basics and talk about puppy recall.

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Lisa Moir – My Goal to Tackle the Negative Press and Issue of ‘Dangerous Dogs’

Mayhem 2 - Photo by Ruth DalrympleI decided to try and combine my studies with my passion for dogs, and attempt to tackle the ever increasing negative press & issues surrounding so called ‘Dangerous Dogs’. The facts cannot be ignored, the UK has over 8.5 million households owning a dog. We are all likely to encounter a dog somewhere, if not within our own homes.

Aware that more has to be done, my aim is to research & identify the catalysts leading to these cases of dog attack & bite incidents, these account for over 6,000 hospital admissions a year.

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Alice Crick – Help for Fearful, Shy & Anxious Dogs

Alice and Olive (Right)I am very lucky to own five wonderful dogs, all of whom have their very own unique little characters and all of whom keep me on my toes – there is never a dull moment in our house!

Over at my Dog Blog, I write about various dog training and behavioural techniques review the latest canine products on the market and share the latest news from the dog world. I use my blog as outlet for my writing and as a place to explore my learning.

. If, like me, you fall hopelessly head over heels in love with a rescue dog that has had absolutely no socialisation, no guidance and no real human interaction for the first seven years of its life; then you realize that you have a bit of a problem on your hands.

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Junior Hudson – Raising a puppy with young children

Junior HudsonGetting a new puppy is often a very exciting time for all members of the family, but it is important to remember that it is also an undertaking that carries the great responsibility of raising a puppy into a well adjusted, happy dog. This endeavour can be even greater when raising a puppy in a family with young children.

There are challenges to be aware of when beginning the process of integrating a puppy into your family. For example young children are often viewed as a source of fear by puppies, often lacking boundaries during interaction, children can unknowingly overwhelm puppies with intimidating, boisterous behaviour.

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Pedigree Dogs: My Future as a Vet Student

10151669_10152298955437472_1494904300_n (1) (2)I would like to begin my guest blog post with a couple of thanks. One  to Mark Walden for asking me to write for his blog. It really is exciting for me to meet like-minded people and to know there are others out there with a similar mind set. Especially those who want to help me get my words out there. And my second thanks are to my gorgeous guy Elliot. Elliot is a seven year old Kooikerhondje who was given to me on my 16th birthday. He was just going to be my next dog, but little did I know, he would become part of my future in such a way that he changed my ambitions.

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Erica Hammill – Woman’s Best Friend

They say “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” but as I get older and wiser I have come to realise that my dog is my best friend.

I know I’m not alone amongst dog owners in saying my dog, Pawson, is the centre of my universe. He is my constant companion and he always wants to do what I want to do and unlike my husband he does it with enthusiasm, complete willingness and total adoration.

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