Mayhem 2 - Photo by Ruth DalrympleFirstly I would like to thank Mark for giving me the opportunity to guest write on his blog. It is truly wonderful the sense of camaraderie which exists in the dog world; hopefully together we can reach our aim of achieving a better existence for everyone with ‘man’s best friend’.

So a little introduction, my name is Lisa Moir, coming from an animal loving home, I have been surrounded by dogs all my life firstly German Shepherds and Border Collies, before owning German Spitz, Japanese Spitz & Papillons. It was having taken part in an ‘enter on the day’ child handling class at a local show with my aunts Poodle, that I was well and truly bitten by the dog showing bug, and pestered my parents incessantly for my own ‘show dog’. Eventually I was lucky enough to get my very own dog ‘Puff’ for my 9th birthday.

Mayhem - Photo By Trebettyn Photography
Photo By Trebettyn Photography

Hard to believe how much influence that little dog (my best friend) had on my life, when considering 20+ years later I am still very actively involved in the world of dogs and dog showing, and have encountered many wonderful people, animals and adventures along the way.

I’ve taken the decision to return to university this September, to undertake a Masters in Journalism. I stumbled across the HSBC bank student bursary competition, where entrants are challenged to answer ‘How would £10,000 help you achieve your potential?’ Given the innovative and pioneering aims of previous winners, I decided to try and combine my studies with my passion for dogs, and attempt to tackle the ever increasing negative press & issues surrounding so called ‘Dangerous Dogs’.

Dogs have an integral role to play in our society and their value should never be questioned.

They have a crucial impact on the quality of their owner’s lives.

 Not only are they very much loved family pets, at present there are over 5,400 dogs working in partnerships providing assistance to humans, as guide dogs, hearing dogs, dogs for the disabled etc. They have a crucial impact on the quality of their owner’s lives. We are also seeing an increasing number of dogs used in our police & armed forces, with amongst others skills in bomb & drug detection, and more recently dogs being used in medical detection helping to identify cancers and supporting individuals with life threatening conditions.

The facts cannot be ignored, the UK has over 8.5 million households owning a dog. We are all likely to encounter a dog somewhere, if not within our own homes.

The facts cannot be ignored, the UK has over 8.5 million households owning a dog.

Many dogs pose very little danger to humans, but sadly as recently seen in the awful case of Jade Anderson, when things go wrong – they can do so tragically.

Aware that more has to be done, my aim is to research & identify the catalysts leading to these cases of dog attack & bite incidents, these account for over 6,000 hospital admissions a year. My goal is to develop an education package which can be rolled out across the UK (to be used in schools and communities) in the hope that a positive difference can be made, that people can be safer around dogs. Thus hopefully reducing the chance of these tragic incidents.

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