Woman’s Best Friend

By Erica Hammill – Editor of MyPawsOn.com 

Erica with fellow pooch Pawson
Erica with fellow pooch Pawson

They say “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” but as I get older and wiser I have come to realise that my dog is my best friend.

I know I’m not alone amongst dog owners in saying my dog, Pawson, is the centre of my universe. He is my constant companion and he always wants to do what I want to do and unlike my husband he does it with enthusiasm, complete willingness and total adoration.

Who’s heart would not be touched by the open demonstration of loyalty and pleasure displayed by dogs when they interact with their owners. The first thing my dog does every morning when he sees me is thump his tail wildly with excitement and this just makes me smile and lifts my mood for the day ahead.

I think that the relationship between a dog owner and a dog, which is bound by trust and unconditional love, is quite remarkable and goes in many ways beyond human relationships to create an unbreakable bond.

Without question, I am willing to forgive Pawson’s little “misdemeanours” far more readily than I am any other family member. Having initially been outraged the day I put my lunch on the floor without thinking and he helped himself, within seconds I was blaming myself. After all, when I put food down on the floor, it’s for him – right ?

I find that I constantly tailor my life to meet his needs. He hates being left behind, so in summer, I go to the supermarket late at night so he can come with me.

I think that the relationship between a dog owner and a dog, which is bound by trust and unconditional love, is quite remarkable

If I wake up early we go to the fields so he can chase rabbits (even though we both get wet feet because the grass is still damp). My husband suggests a week in Italy would be nice and I talk him into a week in Scotland or Wales so that the dog can come too. Some might say “sad” – I see it as loyalty in return for his friendship and enduring companionship.

I am always having friends round for dinner, rather than going to posh restaurants so he can be part of the gang. If I do go out, I order food on the basis of what little tasty treat I can bring home to share and I never want that “last drink for the road” so he’s not on his own too long.

I freeze and mess my hair up with the windows open in the car because he likes the breeze and so the list goes on.

Does any of this sound familiar? Well, who wouldn’t put themselves out a bit for their four legged friend ?

Not only is he my best friend, he is very smart, because he has started his own website and he tells me his aim is to have the best dog friendly website in the UK. He’s even got a face book page and a twitter account.

The website is named after him (not that he is vain !) www.mypawson.com and it is set up to help dog owners find and recommend dog friendly businesses in the UK and it’s free to join.

So, if you have a best friend like mine, let them know about mypawson.com and find some great new places to go together from our directory of accommodation, pubs, walks and much more.

Forget the diamonds – get yourself a dog !


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