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My experience in Dog Law with Trevor Cooper…

June was indeed a busy month for me. However, busy for me is a great thing because I feel in my element when I’m busy and productive, there was no doubt that I felt busy and productive when I was working for Trevor Cooper with DogLaw LTD. People have been asking me what I did while I was there, what was my role? My role was to be his Personal Assistant and Organiser for his seminars, making sure everything is prepared so both Trevor and the attendees were happy so all Trevor had to do was focus on his talk when he walked in.

How it started…

I was approached by Trevor Cooper a few months back, knowing I was looking for work and experience in the area, Trevor gave me a opportunity to work with him during the summer. Having attended 3 of his previous seminars before, actually being given the opportunity to work with him blew me away to put it mildly! I was given a huge list of seminars he was preparing, sponsored by Petlog for the next coming months including those in Herne Bay to Stoneleigh and Harrogate. These seminars were a range of talks for dog clubs and dog owners, to dog specialists in various industries in the dog world. I think the big problem people may have is to assume that these law seminars would be a boring, endless lecture on legislation, actually it’s quite the opposite.

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Next Interview: Nicole Rivera – Children’s Author

I haven’t done an interview in ages! This time I interview someone out of the UK, across the world the United States.

Nicole Rivera is a children’s author and educator. She has published her own books, 4 of them involving Max, a shelter Pit Bull Terrier she met while volunteering at a animal shelter. Many of you may know, there’s a lot of controversy (to put it lightly) surrounding the Pit Bull as it is a banned breed here in the UK while over there, it isn’t (except in certain areas) so I briefly discuss these issues.

Nicole is committed to inspire children all about the wonders of animal compassion, while raising awareness about respect and responsible ownership to tomorrows pet owners through the power of reading and learning.

Here is a small preview of her book ‘Max the Shelter Dog’ presented by American television personality Rachael Ray.

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Dog Law Talks and Views

I have mentioned before that I have been given the opportunity to work with Cooper&Co Solicitors as a Assistant Organiser with Trevor Cooper (interviewed him at Crufts earlier this year for this website). It’s an amazing opportunity to get first hand experience of current legislation (Most notably the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and the Animal Welfare Act 2006) and proposed changes that are coming in the future. Are these changes good or bad? Time will tell, but there is one thing I know for sure – it will effect every potential dog owner whether it’s restrictions in public places or compulsory microchipping that will come into place on April 6th 2016 (Wales a year earlier).

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