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My Visit to Parliament – Dog Theft Awareness Day

As I was drinking my now-cold cappuccino at my local coffee shop early in the morning, an email notification popped up on the bottom right hand corner of my screen. An invitation to Parliament to discuss the rise in dog theft across the UK. Despite my initial excitement at the thought of going to Parliament, my heart sank a little at the prospect that dog theft has now become a national concern.

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Dog Law Webinars by Dog Law Ltd.

I don’t know about you, every time I do any sort of research into animal/dog law and regulations there always seem to be new developments, updates and tweaks. If researching legislations has taught me anything it’s that it’s not the most exciting thing to do in an evening let alone getting your head around them.

One of the first individuals I had the pleasure of interviewing on my website was Trevor Cooper who is a solicitor that specialises in dog law. He works full time for Dogs Trust and in his free time he hosts seminars across the country on the law involving dogs with Dog Law Ltd.

Dog Law has recently developed new ‘webinars’ that focus on many aspects of the law on dogs from Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, Animal Welfare Act 2006 to the Dogs Act 1871. Trevor also focuses on ‘New Developments’ that have been happening recently, most notably on the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Here is a taste of what to expect;

Personally I couldn’t recommend them more, for those lucky enough to see Trevor in action he never fails to impress and the same thing goes for these webinars. It is essential for professionals who work in  the dog world from dog show handlers to police officers.

For more information visit www.doglaw.tv which also features dog training videos by dog trainer, behaviourist and writer Carolyn Menteith which is also recommended! 


Dog Attacks and the Media Causing Hysteria

Statistics reveal  that there have been 18 deaths from dog attacks in the UK since 2005 and that number will rise. I don’t think there ever seems to be a month that goes by without some sort of hysteria fuelled by the media. Hysteria that causes both dog owners and non-dog owners to demand knee-jerk reactions, more regulations, restrictions and biased views on various breeds and dogs in general.

The media thrives on controversy and lets be honest, without it they wouldn’t sell papers. What often follows the stories is assumptions about causes and a public demand to ensure that these cases never happen again. Then the MPs hear those concerns and quite rightly, decide to act. Frankly, wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a single solution to these problems? Sadly the reality is that as a result they are mostly just making legislations that are not fit for purpose and patchwork messes. Dangerous Dogs Act 1991,  I’m looking at you!

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