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Marina Scott, ‘Starting out in the dog world’: Preview

Last weekend I found myself on the sunny shores of Bournemouth doing my first interview with Marina Scott, Assistant Editor of Dog World.

As a former Junior Handler World Champion herself, I was interested to hear her experiences in the industry and how tools like social media and websites can engage the younger generation to get involved in dog activities like Showing, Agility and Obedience. Publishing her own book and DVD on Dog Handling and holding sessions on handling, she is very keen to educate younger people in that area.

A final shot after the interview!
A final shot after the interview!

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MyKC – Preview

Visiting Crufts a few weeks ago I was interested to see what The Kennel Club has planned for the future. There was one thing that particularly that got my attention; thier preview of the MyKC website they are hoping to launch later this year.

Before I get into details, ever since I went to dog shows, I’ve always wanted to get involved in The Kennel Club. However, it felt difficult at times especially  with their current online website; accessing certain features and services can be very awkward to get into. Considering that roughly 85%-90% of the UK population use the internet. You now have a tool that can potentially reach millions of people in only a few clicks.

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