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Compulsory Microchipping – Your views (Part 1)

In the last few days I’ve been asking people in all sorts of areas of the animal industry; ‘What are your views on microchipping and the legislation that’s going to be proposed?’

I must say, the responses were astonishing. It’s certainly a subject that a lot of people had strong opinions on. As you can see from the title, I’ve had so many responses that I had to do it in two parts. Here I go through that list;
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Compulsory Microchipping! Good move or a knee-jerk reaction?

20171_PetLog_logoAs some of you may know, microchipping legislation will be coming into place in England on the 6th of April 2016 (Wales a year earlier). I wrote a blog post a while back promoting the use of microchipping by giving some scary yet interesting statistics provided by Petlog.

Do I agree with this legislation, though? Yes and no.

What makes me feel slightly uneasy is the MPs who think solving this problem involves putting this legislation forward and to this date, they haven’t specified any details whatsoever on how they will monetise it, monitor it or even regulate it. All we know is that it’s coming and we must comply. Continue reading Compulsory Microchipping! Good move or a knee-jerk reaction?

National Microchipping Month

This month is National Microchipping Month sponsored by Petlog.

New statistics were released at the end of May by The Kennel Club; the research, carried out by the UK’s largest lost and found database for microchipped pets: Petlog. Petlog state that 46% of dog owners are unaware that compulsory microchipping is to be made in England while, out of the other 54% only one in five knew it was compulsory in England by 2016. At the same time just less than 50% of pet owners do not know if their details are currently up to date.

Isn’t this slightly worrying? There is truly a lack of understanding with dog owners around the country, almost all major charities think that microchipping is beneficial and rightly so. Such a simple and cheap procedure can be a brilliant method to safeguard your pet in case they go missing.

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