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RAF service guard dogs to the Duke of Cambridge put to sleep.

I was going through the news like I do every day with a cuppa’ tea. There is always a story about dogs, the majority bad, especially recently.

However one story made me look twice and it was one you don’t often hear about in the news so I thought I’d share it with you. To summarise, two RAF service dogs have been put down due to behavioural issues (despite the fact that most articles concentrated on Prince William’s leaving the same RAF base).

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Back from Holiday & Interview Update

70cf815790eeb06dd5eda39017e78f05It’s been two weeks since my last blog which feels rather odd as I like to at least post once a week but this time I have an excuse! I was in Cornwall for just over a week for a well earned rest, the first time I’ve ever been to the stunning county and I wasn’t disappointed.

The first thing I noticed apart from the stunning coastline was just how dog friendly these places are. I could easily sit on a bench with a Cornish pasty and watch dogs running, chasing and throwing themselves into the sea all day.

Anyway! Now I’m back I’m delighted to say that I have a new interview coming up.

Duncan is also currently a dog handler in the West Yorkshire police - here he is with police dog Tia
Duncan is also currently a dog handler in the West Yorkshire Police – here he is with police dog Tia

This time I interview Duncan Matthews, Honorary Secretary and Trustee of  Fireside K9, a newly formed charity that helps and supports retired police dogs live in comfort and safety for the latter part of their lives. It made me think about the amazing work these dogs so but quite often people overlook what happens to them in later life so I decided to get some more insight into this charity.

I also spoke to newly formed Patron, Sky News presenter and founding member, Kay Burley about how delighted she was to get this opportunity.

So stay tuned and the interview will be out in the next few days!


UPDATE – Interview can be found HERE

Next Interview is up!

My third interview  involves David Hibbert, Chairman of the Retired WM (West Midlands) Police Dog Benevolent Fund. The organisation has recently been set up and the sole purpose is to improve the lives of retired Police Dogs. Watching the police dogs performance at Crufts and the amazing work they do for the public in all services from Public order enforcement dogs, Tracking Dogs (Finding missing persons or objects), Cadaver-sniffing dogs (Detecting decomposing bodies) and Illicit substance detection dogs (Drug Dogs) there is truly no limit to a dogs ability to work and they deserve our support!

Check out the interview here.