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First update in a while!

Wow. Not posting a single blog in 3 weeks, I think I’ve been getting withdrawal symptoms!  However, I’ve had good reason; I think I could comfortably say its been the busiest couple of weeks of my life.

First I’ve been working with Dog Law Specialist Trevor Cooper the past few weeks. He has constructed a series of seminars sponsored by Petlog from Milton Keynes to Harrogate. These talks are more suited for dog professionals from dog wardens, police officers, dog behaviourists, vets, RSPCA, Blue Cross and various other rescue organisations. The seminars consist of the updates in legislation that are currently being discussed. Mainly involving the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (DDA), Dog Control Notices, Microchipping and Breeding Regulations.

Might I add that he is also doing a series of Dog Club seminars throughout the next coming months. Will post more information about them soon, meanwhile if you are interested, feel free to drop a email!

Next I’ve been helping out with the Windsor Championship Show (27th – 30th June).

I’ve been co-opted onto the committee 2 years ago and so far it’s been going well! We’ve received a total of 10,456 entries to the show, so you can imagine how busy it must of been. Often regarded as the ‘Summer Crufts’ I’m glad to say it was a huge success so keep an eye out for my run-down on that to come.

The committee of Windsor and myself on the top left.


Marina Scott, ‘Starting out in the dog world’: Preview

Last weekend I found myself on the sunny shores of Bournemouth doing my first interview with Marina Scott, Assistant Editor of Dog World.

As a former Junior Handler World Champion herself, I was interested to hear her experiences in the industry and how tools like social media and websites can engage the younger generation to get involved in dog activities like Showing, Agility and Obedience. Publishing her own book and DVD on Dog Handling and holding sessions on handling, she is very keen to educate younger people in that area.

A final shot after the interview!
A final shot after the interview!

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The Beagle Club BBQ & Rally

It’s the 6th of April and we’ve had our first sunny day. Considering that 2 days ago it was snowing heavily, if I told anyone I was off to a BBQ this weekend I would of been given some strange looks…

The event was held at a lovely small village called Watlington, in Oxfordshire. We arrived with a much bigger turnout than expected thanks to some new guests!

Usually The Beagle Club shows are Open and Championship but this day was more of a social gathering, for both owners and Beagles alike.  It was a refreshing change.

The BBQ. Not exactly 'Beagle proof' but a nice touch!
The BBQ. Not exactly ‘Beagle proof’ but a nice touch!

What I loved about this event was the high turnout, not just from breeders and handlers but everyday pet owners too, notably from BeaglesUK, an online community with a website and social media such as Facebook and Twitter, who turned out in force! Many of those acquired their Beagles from breeders at the show so it was lovely to catch up with one or two  of the Nedlaw Beagles that I’ve looked after.

Once everybody finished their lunch (and the Beagles finished some leftovers) we had fun games!

We had several classes competing such as;

  • Parade of Rescue and Beagle Welfare Hounds
  • Veteran 7 years and older (Dogs & Bitches)
  • Puppy Romps (4 up to 6 months)
  • Puppy Romps (6 up to 12 months)
  • Prettiest Bitch
  • Handsome Dog
  • Beagle Trotting Dogs
  • Beagle Trotting Bitches
  • Best Trick
  • Waggiest Tail
  • And finally – Fancy Dress! (Highly amusing to say the least!)


You can see from these classes that it wasn’t your typical ‘Dog Show’ but more of a fun day. I realised how hard it was to show my Saffy with a collar and lead on! As for the tricks, the only trick I could show everybody is how well she can show her own mind! So I think I’ll skip that class…

Saffy looking at the other Beagles.
Saffy looking at the other Beagles.

My highlights of the day have to be the Best Tricks, you saw all types of tricks; barking, rolling, jumping, sitting, dancing and catching! (Treats of course…)

Here are a couple of clips from the best I saw that day;

This is Missy the Beagle showing off his Heelwork skills!

Followed by Bertie:

Overall it was a friendly atmosphere as you get in any Beagle shows with added laughter. I’d like to thank everybody on The Beagle Club committee for such enjoyable and memorable show.

Did you go? Share your stories from the day in the comments below!


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