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Met an interesting fella in Bournemouth!

While I was in Bournemouth last weekend interviewing Marina Scott, I met a bunch of rather confident squirrels…

Makes me think how animals quickly adapt in their environment, I’m sure these group of squirrels in Bournemouth are used to tourists walking past on a daily basis, giving them scraps, seeds or nuts. I had one a few weeks ago that jumped on my leg because the squirrel thought I had some food on me. Rather shocked and amazed at the same time I didn’t have the time to reach into my bag and take a photo before the squirrel realised I had nothing on me and ran off!

photo (2)
Best time of the day to interact with these characters is early in the morning where there aren’t as many people around.

It makes you wonder, why would you bother looking for food when the food looks for you?