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Dog Law Webinars by Dog Law Ltd.

I don’t know about you, every time I do any sort of research into animal/dog law and regulations there always seem to be new developments, updates and tweaks. If researching legislations has taught me anything it’s that it’s not the most exciting thing to do in an evening let alone getting your head around them.

One of the first individuals I had the pleasure of interviewing on my website was Trevor Cooper who is a solicitor that specialises in dog law. He works full time for Dogs Trust and in his free time he hosts seminars across the country on the law involving dogs with Dog Law Ltd.

Dog Law has recently developed new ‘webinars’ that focus on many aspects of the law on dogs from Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, Animal Welfare Act 2006 to the Dogs Act 1871. Trevor also focuses on ‘New Developments’ that have been happening recently, most notably on the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Here is a taste of what to expect;

Personally I couldn’t recommend them more, for those lucky enough to see Trevor in action he never fails to impress and the same thing goes for these webinars. It is essential for professionals who work in  the dog world from dog show handlers to police officers.

For more information visit www.doglaw.tv which also features dog training videos by dog trainer, behaviourist and writer Carolyn Menteith which is also recommended! 


Windsor Championship Dog Show

Windsor Castle looming on the show ground, Pimms, Sunshine, Flowers, Dogs and Pink jackets. Sound familiar? It’s none other than the Windsor Championship Dog Show!


Founded in 1951, it’s first show had an entry of 1,000 dogs across all breeds. In 2013 we had an entry of 10,456 and it proves to be one of the most popular and prestigious dog shows around. Judges and exhibitors from local towns to abroad flock to the show at 7:30am preparing their crates, umbrellas, chairs and tables ready for another scorching day.

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National Microchipping Month

This month is National Microchipping Month sponsored by Petlog.

New statistics were released at the end of May by The Kennel Club; the research, carried out by the UK’s largest lost and found database for microchipped pets: Petlog. Petlog state that 46% of dog owners are unaware that compulsory microchipping is to be made in England while, out of the other 54% only one in five knew it was compulsory in England by 2016. At the same time just less than 50% of pet owners do not know if their details are currently up to date.

Isn’t this slightly worrying? There is truly a lack of understanding with dog owners around the country, almost all major charities think that microchipping is beneficial and rightly so. Such a simple and cheap procedure can be a brilliant method to safeguard your pet in case they go missing.

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